Install an SSL Certificate on a Ubiquiti EdgeMAX EdgeRouter

Note: I shamelessly copied the whole post  Steve Jenkins his blog, due to it being offline and requiring a safe place for this info…


As with all UBNT products, the EdgeMAX EdgeRouter products are not consumer-targeted devices. Ubiquiti makes business-classhardware only… so setting up most of their devices takes at least “pro-sumer” level ability. And with their EdgeRouter products, I recommend some network admin experience via the Linux command line (and at least a quick glance at their EdgeOS CLI Primer).

But if that’s you, and you’re sick of your browser warning you about an invalid certificate when you access your EdgeRouter admin interface, here’s the easy way to install your own custom SSL certificate on an EdgeRouter.

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After playing freelancer a couple of years ago, some collegues and I dediced to play again and in order to do so, I started a dedicated server.

This started with a local spare P4 dell desktop, running headless next to the TV with Win7, AV software and a freelancer installation.
After switching jobs I was intruducted to VMWare and dedidec a P2V to a local machine and eventually moved the server to a host in in shared colocation in DATAONE, Wormer.

In order to connect to the freelancer server, the best option would be to use the Direct IP was. This is a hta file located in your installation dir (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\EXE). Start the FLdirectIP.hta and connect by FQDN [] or the direct ip address []



This will start the game and when going to the multiplayer option. You should be able to see the “LAG Universe
Join the server word the following password: abc123