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nginx & Pyplate CMS

Last night while reading upon webservers (apache vs Nginx) and running a webserver on a Raspberry Pi (which i have at home) i found this website regarding rapsberry pi webservers which he runs on a cluster in his basement. Next to that he also have a cluster running on a Banana Pi (Chinese made Raspberry)

The writer/owner also made his own CMS (pyplate) in order to host static pages which makes Nginx really fast and stable while hosted in a cluster. I noticed this big online discussion on what is better, Apache or Nginx, but it all has its own benefits.

This made me decide not convert the VPS webserver to nginx but to keep it running apache and play around on the pi. After installing nginx a couple of weeks ago, i already had this basic html page running with a couple of shortcuts (here, my other blog, my owncloud) but after installing pyplate, did a quick look around and configured some pages (

Progress since august

So since scoring the PE2850 in Auggust i have been very busy at work.
This resulted in getting a new job which i start at the 2nd of November and ofcourse having met this realy sweet girl changed by life a bit.
But she is working towards her bacelor diploma in teaching english, i still have some time in the weekend to play around with the VPS and other tiny stuff.

After introducing my buddy in having a rapsberrypi with kodi on it, he decided to score one.. with me still being me, this resulted in getting my 2nd raspberry pi Model 2+ for playing around with the new jessie release of debian. This little PI is now running my famous home IP of x.x.x.42, which resulted in the name “PI42”. Will this be the allknowing answer ? i don’t know yet.

The 2nd pi running at home will be primary used for VPN & SSH purposes but is running nginx as webserver next to Apache running on the VPS.
The last thing to do is setup openvpn.. which will require a couple of long nights i guess…

Righto, the VPS i still have running moved from an older host to a brand new Dell T410 model wich ofcourse i share with other customers from Fast4you. But since its quite strange that my order 512mb ram machine only has 490 as seen by the OS, i might be upgraded to a higher package (more traffic, more ram and more diskspace)

Things now running on the VPS:

  • This little blog powered by wordpress
  •, another wordpress blog in relation to how i see the car world.
  • Owncloud, my private cloud environment, pretty usefull in synching stuff between both my laptops, phone and desktop and proving cloud space to a couple of friends.
  • RFW, further blog/webshop to be made for friends