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Race night 20 januari

Yay this time no xbox live issues…
Also Thom and Gerry (kentonyte) joined for the first time making the race a bit bigger and more fun.

We now had 7 cars competing in the 2 scheduled races for last night. First race were 12 rounds of Lime Rock park. which Elio nailed again with a first place and some other fine crashes which made the race fun. The second race were 8 laps of Road Atlanta, which gave us some nice battles for 2nd/3rd and 5th/6th place.

Results from these 2 races were as following:
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Making the new cup standings looking like this:

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Forza 6 cup

The idea was born a few years ago when I played together with my close friends online. Our first cup was a MX5 battle back with forza4.

But since we all moved to the Xbox One with Forza 6, we are playing regularly and try to race every wednesday night.

Deciding which car, class and track became boring so the ideal was born to do a cup again. Our first cup car will be the BMW E30 M3 and a small list of tracks have been suggested.

Now the only part will be getting more and more people to compete in our cup. Because 4 cars isn’t really a race..

Too see all details,  click above on the Forza 6 BMW cup or just here.