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After playing freelancer a couple of years ago, some collegues and I dediced to play again and in order to do so, I started a dedicated server.

This started with a local spare P4 dell desktop, running headless next to the TV with Win7, AV software and a freelancer installation.
After switching jobs I was intruducted to VMWare and dedidec a P2V to a local machine and eventually moved the server to a host in in shared colocation in DATAONE, Wormer.

In order to connect to the freelancer server, the best option would be to use the Direct IP was. This is a hta file located in your installation dir (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\EXE). Start the FLdirectIP.hta and connect by FQDN [freelancer.l4urenz.nl] or the direct ip address []



This will start the game and when going to the multiplayer option. You should be able to see the “LAG Universe
Join the server word the following password: abc123

Battlefield 4

Christmas time brought me the Battlefield 4 game for my new xbox one.

So when i finally sorted my EA/Origin account together with xbox live, I was ready to rumble. My only issue was, that it was already past 01:00 and I had to be at work today 🙁

The next day I finally had time to play and did so for the next couple of days. Since I am a huge stats whore, I looked up the BF4 stats website the day after and noticed I was already in the stats.

To see my personal stats, click the link below:
BF4 stats L4urenZ Xbox one

My good friend Arnold also plays BF4, his stats are below:
BF4 stats Black Sambal XboX One

And to check my previous BF3 adventure, the stats are in the following link:
BF3 Stats L4urenZ Xbox360