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Stellaris – Basic Console commands

How to Use Console Commands

Console commands are activated in-game by pressing tilde [`]to bring down the console command window. Type in the codes below to get corresponded effect.

The in-game console will not work if Ironman Mode is active.

NOTE: “<###>” Indicates a number value. Replace all characters with an amount. Check examples below for details.

Easy Console Commands List

Cash <###>
Adds minerals. Defaults to 5,000. Example – cash 9999

Toggles fleet invincibility. Your fleets will not take damage while toggled on. Example – invincible

Instantly researches all technologies. Example – research_technology

Toggles AI. Submit code once to disable AI, submit again to enable AI. Example – ai

Society <###>
Adds population to your society. Defaults to 5,000. Example – society 600

Instantly surveys all planets. Example – survey

Influence <###>
Adds influence. Defaults to 5,000. Example – influence 5000

Forces all AI to accept any demands from your society. Example – debug_yesmen

Instantly completes any current builds. Example – instant_build

Instantly completes all research projects. Example – finish_research


After playing freelancer a couple of years ago, some collegues and I dediced to play again and in order to do so, I started a dedicated server.

This started with a local spare P4 dell desktop, running headless next to the TV with Win7, AV software and a freelancer installation.
After switching jobs I was intruducted to VMWare and dedidec a P2V to a local machine and eventually moved the server to a host in in shared colocation in DATAONE, Wormer.

In order to connect to the freelancer server, the best option would be to use the Direct IP was. This is a hta file located in your installation dir (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\EXE). Start the FLdirectIP.hta and connect by FQDN [] or the direct ip address []



This will start the game and when going to the multiplayer option. You should be able to see the “LAG Universe
Join the server word the following password: abc123

Race night 20 januari

Yay this time no xbox live issues…
Also Thom and Gerry (kentonyte) joined for the first time making the race a bit bigger and more fun.

We now had 7 cars competing in the 2 scheduled races for last night. First race were 12 rounds of Lime Rock park. which Elio nailed again with a first place and some other fine crashes which made the race fun. The second race were 8 laps of Road Atlanta, which gave us some nice battles for 2nd/3rd and 5th/6th place.

Results from these 2 races were as following:
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Making the new cup standings looking like this:

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Race night 17 januari 2016

Since last wednesday got canceled due to issues with xbox live, we decided to catch up last night for the first 2 cup races.

First up was our race at the Nurburgring GP strecke. Where Elio took an early lead and kept this throughout the race. Laurens collided with Tim after which the places were set for the rest of the remaining laps.

For the second race, we drove on the Hockenheimring, where we all managed to get a fasted lap with in the 2:00:xxx timeframe.

Cup standing after 2 races

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