Stellaris – Basic Console commands

How to Use Console Commands

Console commands are activated in-game by pressing tilde [`]to bring down the console command window. Type in the codes below to get corresponded effect.

The in-game console will not work if Ironman Mode is active.

NOTE: “<###>” Indicates a number value. Replace all characters with an amount. Check examples below for details.

Easy Console Commands List

Cash <###>
Adds minerals. Defaults to 5,000. Example – cash 9999

Toggles fleet invincibility. Your fleets will not take damage while toggled on. Example – invincible

Instantly researches all technologies. Example – research_technology

Toggles AI. Submit code once to disable AI, submit again to enable AI. Example – ai

Society <###>
Adds population to your society. Defaults to 5,000. Example – society 600

Instantly surveys all planets. Example – survey

Influence <###>
Adds influence. Defaults to 5,000. Example – influence 5000

Forces all AI to accept any demands from your society. Example – debug_yesmen

Instantly completes any current builds. Example – instant_build

Instantly completes all research projects. Example – finish_research

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