ZNC bouncer for IRC

So when we ordered the VPN last tuesday, the prime objective was to have a IRC Bouncer working, so that it can reply the missed messages while my machine was offline.

After looking around, i found a few howto’s that use the ZNC software and eventually used the following article to configure everything.

So yay, happy chatting on Quakenet.org #NijNtje ^^ hows that for oldskool stuff


So today I installed wordpress to keep track of progress and use as placeholder.

The main domain (www.l4urenz.nl) is still redirected towards tumblr. but might find another purpose for this in the near future.

VPS Online


This site is just the little frontpage of the VPS hosted by Fast4you.
Ordered on 16/06/2015 and installed with Ubuntu 14.04
Running 512mb and 75 gb disk space.

Plan: Use as little play around server to broaden my horizon on Ubuntu server usage and to see if there is really a private need for a VPS.

Steps taken:

  • ZNC irc bouncer installed, not woring yet
  • Apache/sql installed, running